Social Media Basics: 5 Ways to Promote Your Construction Blog

The necessity of content marketing has been pretty much beat into our brains for quite a while now.  It doesn't matter if you're a builder, a remodeler, a wood floor installer or a realtor.  You have to be able to provide some sort of valuable information that your customers can take away and use on their own.  It sells them on your integrity, your know-how and your awareness of what's happening in the building and construction industry.  So what are the best methods of getting your informational content out there into the world in an effective way that ensures people will see it?  It's really quite obvious...social media, of course.  Here's how to do it.

The first step, naturally, is to write and post an article on your blog about a relevant topic.  It could be information about the upcoming home show, ways to survive your kitchen remodel experience, the best kind of lighting to utilize in your custom closet, etc.  When that's done....enter social media.  

1.  Provide a description and a link on Twitter.  Make sure to add all the applicable hashtags to your tweet.  For all of us in the construction and building industry some very helpful hashtags would be the following:  #construction #building #remodeling #homes #residential #commercial #houses #realestate #kitchen #bathroom #interiordesign #design, etc.  How word spreads:  If your content is good and folks like you and your company, they will retweet it, thus the trickle-down effect.  Now, instead of reaching 1000 of your followers, you're also reaching your follower's 1000 followers.  That's 2,000 followers!

2.  If you have a Linked In account (and I hope you do), you can also post a description of your blog article in addition to a link.  This is the perfect way to make sure all your professional buddies get to see what you're up to.  Linked In has the same potential trickle-down effect that Twitter does.  If one of your professional friends shares your link, then your reach just increases.

3.  Provide a link to the article on your Facebook page.  In addition to making sure your professional associates see what you're writing about, Facebook provides the opportunity for personal friends and family to see it as well.

4.  Your email newsletter is a really great way for customers and prospects to have access to your content.  It also maintains top-of-mind awareness for your customer if you haven't seen them in a while. It will make it hard for them to forget you when they are thinking of moving on to their next home improvement project.

5.  Pinterest is a method of communication that not everyone thinks about as a means of providing blog links.  It is customary to add a photo to most blog articles.  Why not pin the photo to a board on your Pinterest account that specifically represents your company's blog articles.  Call the board "Domicile Experts Blog", for example.  Pin the photo, add a caption and link to your article and you're done!  Just another potential clicking chance for your followers to access your information by.

Of course these are just the very basic means of getting your content out there for the public to see.  Get creative and the possibilities are really endless.

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