7 Things That Your Construction-Related Company Should Be Blogging About

A blog is just a basic marketing tool of every successful business nowadays, so you are doing the right thing by pursuing your new year's resolution to post valuable content to your blog every week.  But what should you be talking about?

Here are seven topics of conversation that folks in the construction industry should be blogging about:

1.  Your current projects.  If you are a remodeler, this could be before-and-after photos of that kitchen renovation that you've recently completed.  For a new home builder, it could be pics of the home you are in the middle of construction on.  Anything that shows good things that you are up to in your business.

2.  Industry news.  Is there something happening in the world of home construction that you know your customers would appreciate being informed about?  This could include anything from land rezoning news to dips in the current rate of new construction loans to the latest design trends.

3.  Charity work that you've done.  Your attention to detail and fine craftsmanship may win over some customers.  But for others, the hook may be your amount of participation in the community and all of your charitable giving.  By putting your charity work on display, you are showing that you care about the place where you live and do business.  What could be more important than that?  So go ahead and show off your involvement in the MBA Paint for Tomorrow program or your recent contribution to Habitat for Humanity.  It builds up your level of integrity and customers will appreciate your commitment. 

4.  New products or services that you are unrolling in the new year, season, quarter.  For example, if you're deciding to go green with your company, you might want to discuss what kind of sustainable building products you are including in the specs of all your new homes. 

5.  How-to's.  It's always a good idea to provide easy projects that homeowners can do on their own without your help.  They will appreciate your offer of valuable information on occasion that doesn't always include a price tag.  Some examples might be ways to make your home more energy efficient or how to prepare your house for the winter.

6.  Sales, contests, and deals that you are offering.  A blog is nothing if not a chance for free advertising.  Use it to showcase opportunities to get people in your front door.  Having a contest or featuring a sale on your blog can be the perfect way to reward people for becoming blog subscribers.  Why not host a sale that caters only to those who read the blog?  For example, you could post an article that promises "20% off when you mention this blog article".

7.  Upcoming or recent events, both for your business and other industry-related businesses.  Company charity events, auctions, seminars, MBA meetings, Food Bank drives, community meetings, special occasions.  These are all events that you should be mentioning.  Notify your followers of dates and times and how these different events will be of benefit to them.  You could also provide good photos in articles you post after the events actually take place, which act as evidence of the great time that was had by all and the different community leaders that might have attended.   This is undoubtedly a chance to side-market your affiliates, too, if they are hosting or attending a special event.  They will appreciate it and could return the favor at some point.

These are just a few ideas of different subjects that you could write about.  The possibilities are really endless.  Just make sure to keep it professional and relevant to your business.  And remember to always post links to your blog articles throughout all of your social media outlets.  If your company employees also have social media accounts, encourage them to post links as well.  The more hits, the more prospects, the more business.  Happy blogging!

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