Weekly Wrap Up 6/14/13

Just in case you missed any of my social media postings this week, here's a wrap up of all my links...

The way SUCCESSFUL marketing works today!

Good information about the housing industry from the NAHB...

5 Ways Social Media Supports All Critical Areas of Any Company

This is where I like to daydream. You might, too. Design Inspiration:

5 Steps to Calculate Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics:

Designer Concrete That Displays Decorative Patterns When Wet...

Website Envy...This one is a good example of how to get potential clients to stay a while.

Instagram is hot in social media right now. Here's some Instagram Tips from Photographers

Legos & architecture decide to hook up...‘LEGO House’ To Be Built In Denmark.

Original Mad Man David Ogilvy on the 10 Qualities of Creative Leaders...

I think I need one of these...Privacy Pod: Massaud Work Lounge for Coalesse NeoCon 2013

Finally! The Hashtag Hits Facebook...

More good news on the horizon for the housing industry...

Infographics on Infographics! The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Infographics

Hey all you Architects out there! What do think of this? A Notebook Specifically For Architects

Some good advice on how to do it right...Digital Marketing: It's Not Just Business, it's Personal

Instagram Tips: Build rapport with your followers & strengthen your brand by participating in #throwbackthursday

What a Great Homepage Does to Hook Customers

Happy Friday!

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