The new year is officially upon us.  It’s therefore time again to reassess all aspects of business planning.  So where should you be focusing on planning for your company?  If business development is high on your priority list, you might want to think about updating your social media plan.  “Social media plan?”  you might say to yourself.  Yes, that’s right.  Think of it as just one small piece of your total marketing strategy puzzle.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something simple and to-the-point that keeps everybody’s eye on the prize.  In other words, it’s the day-to-day method of implementing steps within the grand marketing plan.  Because, as you undoubtedly already know, in this age of content-focused marketing, social media is certainly one of the most (if not the most) powerful marketing weapons we have…and it’s cheap.  If you don’t keep up with it, though, your company is likely to get lost in the vast universe that we call the internet.  It can all become a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a good plan of attack.  Here is an example of what a simple social media plan might look like.

  • Design a Twitter Page.
  • Follow a minimum of 5 people a day based on industry interests.
  • Post a minimum of 3 tweets a day.  
    • Links to articles on my company blog.
    • Links to Company website.
    • Links to sale advertisements on the website.
    • Links to portfolio.
    • Links to Company successes.
    • Special offers to followers.
    • Comments with those I follow and who follow me.
    • Retweets of content from others.
    •  Moments/Commentary from my daily life.
    • Exclusive free information. 
  • Interact with at least 3 other people a day.

  • Design a Facebook Page.
  • Like/Friend a minimum of 5 businesses/people a week.
  • Post a minimum of 2 times a day.
    • Links to articles on my company blog.
    • Share comments/thoughts with others.
    • Pictures of different company events.
    • Informational content.
  • “Like”/comment on the activity of at least 1 other business/person a day.

Linked In
  • Design a Linked In Company Profile.
  • Have all employees add their own individual Linked In profiles.
  • Connect with everyone that my company does business with.
  • Follow all companies that my company does business with or wants to do business with.
  •  Join at least 4 Industry related groups.
  • Post at least 2 times a day.
    • Links to articles on my company blog.
    • Share others’ content from their posts.
    • Market research.
    • Share articles from Linked In news articles.
  •  Join groups of the associations that I belong to.
    • Participate in group discussions.

  • Set up Pinterest Account/Page
  • Start/Maintain a minimum of 10 Boards.
  • Follow a minimum of 5 Industry/Company related boards a week.
  • Pin at least 10 industry related images a week.
  • Repin at least 10 industry related images a week.
  • Comment on a minimum of 10 images a week.
  • Pin company sale images.

  • Write at least 2 articles a week.
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Social media
    • Customer Relations
  • Post link to blog article on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In.
  • Pin image from the article to Company Pinterest Board.
  • Post ads for company sales.

And that’s it.  In a generic nutshell kind of way.  It might also be helpful to prepare a daily/weekly social media checklist to help the people in charge remember all the pertinent tasks that they need to get through each day.  It does seem overwhelming, but try to remember, social media can be fun…and profitable!

Need help keeping track of your company’s social media accounts?  Einstein Design & Consulting can help you with that.

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Charlie Russell said...

I like your post Julie. Nice, straight forward, clean list of social media to do's. Will help a great deal with my sometimes confused thinking about how to help my team with their business developement efforts using social media. Thank you. Charlie

Julie Childers said...

I'm glad I could be of help to you and your crew, Charlie. Happy Friday!


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